Where we are today

We have helped a current student on the Glenelg High School allied soccer team. We have created an attachable wheelchair device to allow a student to be able to fully participate in soccer games. 

We have developed our own approach to adaptive soccer for those in wheelchairs. Reference materials can be found below. 


The first iteration of an adapted soccer wheelchair attachment
Current device attached to a wheelchair

Designed for Versatility

With standard spacing and slot diameters, the attached plate can be fit with any form of additions. For example, bumpers, wheels for additional support, or holders for other attachments. 

The dynamic design of the board sliders allow them to move vertically and horizontally for a universal fit with all wheelchairs.*

Multiple Angle Renders

Front View

Side View

Close Up View of Board Slider

*Supported wheelchair width at foot rests: 21"- 14"